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Professionally designed foot care supplies that are flexible, comfortable, and durable. We understand foot pain and how it affects your daily life. Work with foot experts that truly care about you.

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TruOrigin is a leading foot and toe care provider that offers effective healing solutions and free treatment information to help you heal.

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  • TruOrigin provides fantastic value, I have been using the toe separators for 9 months now without any issues.
    Tammy L. – Nampa, ID
    Toe Separator
  • This toe tube is the most awesome product. For $11.00 I got a product that fixes the left toe issue I've haved for over 20yrs.
    Jeff H. – Plano, TX
    Ball of Foot
  • Really WOW, these guys couldn't be any more Awesome. They literally make getting the product simple, fast and affordable.
    Derik S. – Denver, CO
    Toe Separator
  • Shaye is very nice, he went over in detail how to use the product, clean it and provided useful information on foot support.
    Kiara M. – Tucson, AZ
    Toe Separator
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